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Community Interfaith Church recognizes and celebrates the Divine in all beings.  We are a positive thinking community and we teach the principles of New Thought, that we are co-creators with God, the One Power, the One Cosmic reality.  We can create the lives we desire through the knowledge and use of Spiritual Principles.

If you are looking for a loving community with which to celebrate your divinity, if you are looking for a supporting community in which you can grow spiritually, if you are looking for a fun community that enjoys and sponsors social events, we are looking for you.

Stop in and visit us Sunday morning at 10:45 Visioning Meditation, 11:00 AM Celebration Service, at the Metro Water Co. Meeting Room, 6265 N LaCanada, where we
Celebrate Spirit Together

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April Affirmation

I am the Generosity of Spirit
And my Spirit is generous.
I am God in Motion, and
I move with the flow of God.
I am Love in Action,
And I love it!

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